Rabu, 03 April 2013

Blood Gas analyzers, because considered vital Lab Equipment

Blood Gas Analyser-guarantees the precise Output

Blood gas analyzers are medical laboratory equipment widely used with many sophisticated features. Are available in various sizes and models to meet various clinical applications. It is used to make tests, blood gases and electrolytes metabolites using various technologies including fluorescence, amperometry and potentiometry. These test results allow to detect and treat respiratory diseases and other abnormalities due to the pH level varies. That is why blood gas analysers are considered vital laboratory equipment. Features such as consistency, reliability and flexibility in performance also enhances the usefulness of this laboratory equipment.

Gas analyzers-essential laboratory equipment for blood

Is a medical laboratory equipment user-friendly with optimal functionality. Some common applications of this device are:

• Measures the concentration of hemoglobin, lactate and blood electrolytes

• Assesses the basic acid levels

• Determines the amount of oxygen in the blood serum, plasma and

• Measure pCO2, pH, ionized sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, calcium, glucose and pO2

Are available in different specifications from leading manufacturers such as Bayer and radiometer. This powerful workshop equipment perfectly adapts to any STAT test settings. It was designed using the latest technology. Other features worth mentioning are:

• Modular Design, supported by a large touch screen

• Provides a fast and accurate output

• The product provides adequate guarantees and ensures minimal maintenance

• Easy availability of controls, reagents and consumables

• Ensures the automatic calibration and data management

• Ability to store and retrieve the previous sample report

• User-friendly interface with minimal involvement

• Ensures safe cleaning cycle environment and waste management

• Full specs and test results meet regulatory standards

• Provided with maximum security measures to protect the operator and the patient

The latest advanced models of blood gas analysers are customized onboard printer options. Support Video Guide is also provided to streamline the workload of the operator. At the same time, to ensure the highest quality and accuracy of the results, the remote device is monitored by experts.

Blood Gas analyzers, renewed

These analyzers are required in all workshops because they are vital laboratory equipment. Depending on your budget and the requirement, you can choose new or recertified analyzer. Small hospitals and laboratories prefer to always buy refurbished as analyzers are more accessible. You must be sure to purchase these products from approved dealers. During procedures, restructuring this undergoes rigorous laboratory equipment concealment, replacement of parts, quality control, cleaning and inspection. They are restored according to original manufacturer’s specifications and are therefore highly reliable laboratory equipment.

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