Kamis, 18 April 2013

Diamond engagement rings-what are his?

It is a known fact that there is no other gem in the world that speaks of love more powerfully than a diamond ring. It is considered the most precious stone, like found himself rarely and is indestructible. These are the qualities that make a diamond engagement ring a symbol of romance, love and commitment.

How diamonds have become more accessible, most people go to showcase their immense love for their beloved. Just to make sure you find the right piece of jewelry, here are some tips that may help you assess the authenticity of the diamond engagement ring:

While buying a diamond engagement ring or other diamond jewelry always consider the four C:

· Color: leaving aside the fancy colored stones, colorless a diamond stone is the value more than delivers. Diamonds are graded from D to z D be more colorless to Z being light yellow colored diamond. Each diamond categorized as more yellow d grade, then it is too expensive.

· Cut: most of us are wrong to be cut as it is engraved a diamond. Rather it is the technique by which the stone was marked to reflect the spark from it. A secular man cannot assess the genuineness of the cut of a diamond. To make it easier to Jewelers give GIA certificate or ASG to verify the quality of the diamond.

A diamond gem is considered to be real when it is classified as an ideal diamond or diamond award, very good. Anything beyond that as diamond rated good, right or even poor not worth the cost. Opting for a diamond engagement ring is classified as well is better to go for a diamond rated fair or poor.

· Clarity: when it comes to clarity there is a certain scale of which one can rank the genuineness of the diamond. The registration number and determines the price. There are various standards such as IF, VVS1, VVS2, etc to know clarity. When we talk about inclusion, relates to the inclusion of air bubbles, scratches, small defects or any other minerals included in the diamond.

· Carats: the size of the stone is called carat. Most of them do not consider the size of the diamond engagement ring because they feel it is a highlight of the jewel, symbolizing the love in its purest form. But there are some that are more of a social status of flaunt a huge stone on their finger than anything else.

Completely depends on the choice and the budget of individual to select the size and style of the diamond engagement ring. The type of ring that you want to submit to their beloved is also an important factor. At the end of it, love matters and don’t cost.

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  1. This is very good advice about diamond engagement rings! Now I can tell my boyfriend to read this before going out to shopping for diamond engagement rings with his friends!

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